Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Die, Brett Favre!

I wish Brett Favre would just go away already.
Who's with me?

Ok, so the title of this posting was a little dramatic. I don't actually want Brett Favre to die. I'm not even wishing any great or long lasting ill upon Favre, maybe just a 2 year coma. Wouldn't that be great? If I could just put him in a 2 year coma, then he would wake up 40 years old and maybe think he was getting too old to play. On second thought, better make it a 5 year coma (hell, if Vinny Testaverde can keep playing at the age of 74 Favre would probably give it a shot).

I'm so tired of the same old story every off-season. Is Favre going to retire? Is he going to play? Blah, blah, blah. Then I have to hear every Packer fan call up the sports talk radio and argue about it. This story is like that rash that keeps coming back. You know, the one in your groin? You think you have it under control, but then you go and play hoops and your massive thighs rub together and boom! The rash is back more festering and rotted than ever.

Now, I'm not going to cite statistics, I'm not going to argue about whether Favre (Dammit, I'm spelling it Farve the rest of the way because that's how it should be spelled!) would still be the best QB on the Packers. You know why? Because I don't care. This time of the year should be spent focusing on Baseball, NBA summer leagues, College Football, etc.

For those of you who do care about Farve and his return, I hope you die. Okay, not really. I don't wish any serious ill on you. Instead, I'd just like to say the following: Enjoy your coma. See you in 5 years.


Boyd said...

That was damn funny. (I felt I needed to leave myself a comment.)

Anonymous said...

I agree. This crap with Favre, er, Farve, is getting old. Why don't we move on to something that we haven't heard, like steroids in baseball.