Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enjoy The 60 Games of Brand-Davis, Clipper Fan

Ah, Clipper fan. (And I intentionally used the singular) Right now you must be pretty happy, having stolen Baron Davis from your neighbors up north, the Warriors. The Northern Californians must be thinking, "first, they steal our water, and now our precious bearded adonis, Baron Davis." It may not be as bad as it seems, No-Cal. I'm gonna make a few points with some FACTS! (captalized for FUN!) about each player.

FACT!: In the last 6 seasons, Baron Davis has played over 68 games 1 time. Once. Uno. Over that span he has averaged 60 games. And, (unsurprisingly)the only time he played over 60 games was in a year he planned on opting out of his contract. Not good signs for a guy who just signed a 5 year, 60 million dollar contract.
FACT!: Elton Brand averages only 68 games per season during his career. He is coming off a horrible injury: the torn achilles.
FACT!: Davis is a career 41.4% shooter from the field and a 32.5% shooter from the 3 point line. Add in the horrendous 69.2% from the ungaurded stripe and you can say unequivocably: Baron Davis is a bad shooter. That is a FACT! Add in the fact that he is a prodigous chucker (hoisting over 5 per game career-those are Antione Walker-esque numbers) and you have to question why people love this guy.
FACT! Brand is a very good player. I really don't have anything negative to say about him. He is a remarkable defender and a good low post scorer. He rebounds well. Oh, I thought of something negative-he's boring as shit. Have you ever watched this guy? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
He's so boring he earned an extra line of Z's.
FACT! Davis is an overrated playmaker. He ranked exactly 26th in Assist to Turnover ratio. He gets a lot of assists and overall stats, but at what price? There are so many points out there today who are better.

In the end, the Clippers got a middle of the road, over-paid, injury prone, overrated point gaurd who spent most of his career being a malcontent and seems more interested in furthering his film career than anything else. Granted, he certainly has the best beard in the league, but Clipper fan, you're only going to get to enjoy that beard and Brand for about 60 games, so live it up while it lasts.

Golden State, on the other hand, got rid of Davis, got a bunch of cap room, and can now really work the trade and free agent wires.

Was something really stolen from you, No-Cal?


Anonymous said...

Boring or not, I'd take Brand on my squad and pray that he held up for the season. Also, a fantastic beard is nothing you just want to give away to another team. It takes onions to groom yourself so, and it could be the source of fat-boy Davis' incredible leaping ability just as the hair was the genesis of Samson's great strength.

Jim (Boyd's brother)

Anonymous said...

good analysis. saw your site on yahoo answers. Davis is overrated mainly because of his beard and that dunk on Andrei Kirilenko.