Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NBA Moves

Just wanted to quickly comment on last night's NBA move:

Marcus Camby traded to LA Clippers for 2nd Rnd Pick:
If I were a Nuggets fan today, and thank sweet Baby Jesus I'm not, I wouldn't be very happy. The Nuggs basically traded away their only defensive player for nothing. Why? Nene Hilario and Kenyon Martin. Nene will make almost $9 million next year, and Kenyon Martin still has $46 million and 3 years left on his contract. Nene is coming off ball cancer and K-Mart is the only player in the league that has had 2 microfacture surgeries. You think they overspent on those guys? It always leaves a sour taste in the mouth when a move is purely financial, as this clearly is. Nuggets fan, enjoy giving up 125 points per game next year. (also, you should ditch your new, gay uniforms, and go back to your old, sweet uniforms. And get Fat Lever back. Bye.)

The other side of this is, of course, the Clippers. They had a ton of free agency money to offer to Josh Smith, Andre Iguodala, or Emeka Okafor, all of whom are better, younger players than Camby. I know those guys are restricted Free Agents and that their teams would probably match, but what was the risk in trying to sign one of those guys to an offer sheet? Was the Camby deal coming off the table? I highly doubt it. Josh Smith wouldn't have looked good throwing down tomohawk jams in a Clipper uniform, would he? This is just another example of the Clippers being the Clippers.

The only good thing about this is that Camby will fit into the Clippers offense because he doesn't need the ball much. Thank goodness for that. With Baron Davis at the point he probably wasn't going to get it anyway. Oh, and Clipper Fan, don't get too excited. You still have Cuttino Mobley at 2 gaurd. Enjoy that.


The Dude said...

The Clippers would have had to overpay Smith or Okafor for at least 4-5 years to even have a chance at their clubs not matching the offer. Camby at 2 years for $16 million ($22 if he reaches his bonuses, which he likely won't) is a much more reasonable contract, even if he isn't as permanent a solution. The Clippers are also hoping Camby will help Deandre Jordan develop. This move also frees up cap-room for the 2010 season, which people seem to think is a big deal, although I doubt the Clippers will land any big names then, but at the very least it gives them another expiring contract for that year that can be a valuable trade asset along with those of Mobley and Thomas for teams that want to free up cap room to be part of that free agency period.