Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NFL vs. College Football

Which is better? This is a funny decision for me. See, in the debate of NBA vs. NCAA Basketball, this isn't even close. Call me crazy, but I'd rather watch good people play (NBA) than a bunch of srubs tossing up 500 threes and shooting 38% and winning the national championship (NCAA). That is, however, a debate for another time. Now I want to focus on NFL vs. College Football.

Style of Play:
NFL-Maybe I'm a moron, but it seems to me like 25 teams play basically the same offense: run it up the middle, run it up the middle, screen pass, punt. The Bears run a minor variation known as The Run it up the Middle, Run it up the Middle, Then Throw an Interception. There isn't much variety from year to year, as the teams tend to copy whatever the succesful teams did the year before. The other 7 teams might do something slightly different, but by and large, all 32 teams run a lot of the same stuff. The defensive variation consits of 3-4 teams and 4-3. A little boring. The joy in the NFL comes from the fact that the athletes are elite, the defense amazing, the hits harder, the big plays bigger.
NCAA-This is my biggest joy in watching college football. Some teams run a spread offense, some teams run pro-style offense, some run option(a personal favorite), some run spread option, and some run whatever you call that offense West Virginia ran the last 5 years. There is so much variety that sometimes teams with inferior talent win because of superior scheme. You never see that in the NFL.
EDGE: NCAA by a landslide

NFL: Redskins-Cowboys, Bears-Packers, Jets-Dolphins, Broncos-Raiders. The NFL has solid rivalries that have lasted for years. It doesn't get much better than watching the Skins' and Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Sure, you only see about half the game as you slip in and out of a turkey coma, but that game always delivers.
NCAA: USC-Notre Dame, Ohio State-Michigan, Texas-Oklahoma, Army-Navy. College Rivalries are so big that they actually name the games. The World's Largest Cocktail Party, Red River Rivalry, and my favorite name, The Civil War (Oregon-Oregon St.) They play for trophies, they play for local pride. And every team has at least one rivalry. Sorry, Jets-Dolphins just can't hold the proverbial jockstrap of Ohio State-Michigan.
EDGE: NCAA by a mile
Video Game:
NFL: Madden Football. Nothing else needs to be said. Madden is the undisputed king of the football gaming world. The gamplay is the tightest, the innovations are usually additons, and overall, this is the best football game on the planet.
NCAA: NCAA Football yearly franchise. This is a great game, and I buy it every year without fail, but it seems as though they make fewer improvements from year to year than Madden does. The AI on this is just too Corky from Life Goes On to be enjoyed over Madden.
EDGE: NFL by a touchdown and a missed extra point.

NFL: I agree with Ric Flair when he once told Ricky Morton as he handed him a training bra-"you like the little girls and I like the big girls." Are the NFL cheerleaders sluttier? Absolutely. Over the years, the NFL has gotten to the point where the XFL, that renegade league of old, looks tame, and they had straight strippers as there cheerleaders. I guess I'm just a dirty old man.
NCAA: These girls are cute. blah.
EDGE: NFL by 2 cup sizes.

In the end, I have to give my overall nod to NCAA Football. The differences in playing styles, the rivalries, and the importance on each game put it over the top of the NFL.