Thursday, July 10, 2008

NFL's Top 5 QB's

Wow, that was a lenghty post, T-Bone. I'm not going to be able to go into that kind of depth, but I have a take on this subject. Here goes:

#1. Tom Brady-New England Patriots
I don't care about the stats. I don't care about the rings. I don't care that by the time he retires he's going to be the greatest quarterback of all time. I care about one thing that makes him greater than the rest, and her picture is to the right. I don't know if he's got Romo beaten in the chick department, but add that to the other stuff, and he's easily number one. (Ok, I care a little about the single season TD record, the 92.9 career rating, the 3 Super Bowl rings, the 3 more he's probably going to win and all of that, but that stuff is secondary, right?) Tom Brady is the #1 QB in the NFL and there is no 1A.

#2 Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts
Did Taylor misspell Peyton's name? Of course. Should I have warned him of it? Certainly. But after he clowned me for calling LeBron James "Labron" I just couldn't let it go. How do you like them apples? (and don't you dare go back in and change it, T-Bone.)
Manning has done it all. He's won the Super Bowl and will probably retire with the greatest statistics in the histroy of the game. He's never missed a game in 11 seasons. That's impressive. He has an amazing football mind. So amazing, in fact, that he has to be the most annoying damned quarterback to watch with all those audibles he calls. I hate when I'm playing Madden 08 and they make it so lifelike that Manning has to call 14 audibles before the snap. Messes up my stats. Manning has had three 30 TD seasons, and topped 4,000 yards 8 times. 'Nuff said. (I wish the real Bears had played defense like those in the photo.)

3. Tony Romo-Dallas Cowboys
Romo is a hotchickslayer as well. Yeah, I inveted that word. Romo made leaps and bounds last season, quieting some of his critics after the botched field goal hold in the playoffs the year before. All gunslinger, Romo is only going to continue to improve as he now enters his prime. He reminds me of Brett Favre in a lot of ways. (By the way-retire Brett!) He may not have the resume of other QB's, and will need to take the Cowboys over the hump to be considered truly great, but as of today, if I were starting a franchise, he'd be the 3rd QB on my list.

#4. Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints
I'm actually a little surprised that Taylor included Brees too. Brees may look like the guy who comes to hook up your high speed internet, but on the field he is a great leader and gets 100% out of his talent. Brees is extremely cerebral and has overcome a major shoulder injury to prove his critics (those in San Diego who let him go for the ever underwhelming Philip Rivers-note: Never trust a guy who calls himself Philip. If he doesn't go by Phil, be wary. Be very, very, wary. No rhyme intended.) wrong. Brees was up over 4000 yards for the second straight year, and he did it this year with the poo-poo platter of recievers and backs that N.O. shuttled out game after game. (McCallister was hurt most of the season, Bush missed the last 4 games and is vastly overrated, and all he has is Colston to pass to.) Brees still has to win the big one, as well. (And for my third, and final paranthetical insertion on Drew Brees, I have some advice for Drew: Never have your photo taken with Carlton from the Fresh Prince. You look dorky enough as it is.)

#5. Ben Roethlisberger-Pittsburgh Steelers
I hope I spelled his last name correctly. Big Ben stepped up last season as the passing game became a bigger part of the Steeler's offense last year. He had a down year in '06, after retardedly driving his motorized bicycle without a helmet and getting in a wreck, thus smashing in his face, but bounced back strongly. Ben has quarterbacked a Super Bowl winner, thrown 30 TD's in a season, and had the 2nd highest QB rating last year. The scary thing is he's only going into his 5th year. Ben is a stallion, and, apparantly, he likes to "Drink Like A Champion." Just don't ride a motorbike after, Ben.

Most overrated:
Carson Palmer-I don't feel he's put it together yet or that he controls that team, which is a big part of quarterbacking.
(I don't think Vince Young is overrated. Most people think he's just an average QB at this point.)

Most underrated:
Kurt Warner-I don't know how Matt Leinart wins the starting job back if this guy is healthy. I don't think most people think of this guy as good anymore, but he was a top 10 quarterback last year. It's a fact: when Kurt Warner has been healthy, he's a hell of a quarterback. (It's also a fact that his wife has rocked a flat top she-mullet in the past.)


Taylor said...

I knew giving you crap about the name thing would come back at me sometime. Karma... Son of a b.
I still think Payton and Labron are great.