Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You're The Clippers

I can't stop laughing this morning.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of hype and a lot of discussion about how improved the Clippers of Los Angeles will be next year, after Baron Davis agreed to a new 5 year deal with the club. Fans were imagining the potent combo of Davis-Brand, leading the team back to the playoffs and contending in the West.

Clipper Fan, you forgot something: You're the Clippers.

So this morning, turns out Elton Brand was pulling the old Carlos Boozer, telling his team he was opting out of his contract so they would have more money to sign free agents, and then surreptitiously sneaking off in the middle of the night to sign with the 76ers of Philadelphia.

Why, Elton? Why?

Money? No. The money is about the same the Clips could have given him.
Fame? No. If anything this move will make him less popular with NBA fans.
To further his movie career? (Brand is president of Gibralter Films, whose first film, Rescue Dawn, has grossed more than $27 million in box office and rental reciepts) No. He was in LA, for hell's sake.

During Brand's stay in LA:
1. The Clips won 42% of their games.
2. They made the playoffs once.
3. They had one decent season during Brand's tenure (47-35, which would not have even made the playoffs last year.)

And let's not forget, that after the 02-03' season, Brand already tried to leave the Clippers once, signing an $84 million contract with the Bienvenido a Miami Heat, only to have the Clippers match the contract(Brand was a restricted free agent at the time).

Brand saw a chance to jump the Clippers' ship (pun intended) to go to an up and coming Eastern Conference team, and he took it. Does it make him a traitor? Yes. Was it a low move? Yes. Was it completely predicatble? Of course.

Why? You're the Clippers.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have gotten a good night sleep before you wrote anything regarding this. In addition to sounding stupid and uniformed it is obvious that you do not follow what has been going in this situation. I will fill you in. Brand wanted to sign with the Clippers. He wanted to play with Baron Davis. He liked Mike Dunlevy. He has a recording studio in LA. He has a house in LA. He has a wife who is expecting. He text all of his teammates ( clippers) about how excited he was about playing with them. He said he wanted to be a Clipper for life. This is why he is not a Clipper. His agent, David Falk used to have alot of control in the nba before the current labor agreement fixed salaries. Prior to this agreement, Falk could manipulate gms and teams based on the promise of acquiring some of his star clients. One of those clients was Mike Bibby. When the clippers did not draft him with the first pick Falk reportedly was furious and held a grudge. Falk does not have much power anymore and truly is not neccessary. However, when Mike Dunlevy began negotiating with Brand and disregarding Falk it infuriated him. The Clippers later began negotiating with Falk but he did not share with Brand that the Clips had matched the Sixers offer. David Falk is why Elton Brand is not a Clipper. I hope it is investigated by the NBA but I doubt it will be.

Anonymous said...

Stop laughing. You sound stupid with what you write. I hope you publish my first comment on your blog. I got linked here from a national sports forum and I am shocked at the lack of knowledge you display about the topic that you wrote about today. You do not have to publish this but please publish my first post and read it. You will see why I think you sound so ill informed.

Taylor said...

Congratulations Boyd! Clipper fan reads your blog...

Boyd said...

Ha ha. That makes it even more funny. See, you're just proving my point.

When I posted the opinion piece none of those details you listed were known. Besides that, some of what you wrote is highly debateable. You are choosing to take the Clippers' side of the story, while the truth according to the Brand camp is that the Clips lowballed him and gave him an ultimatum which he couldn't accept. And if you want to believe the Clippers side of things, you're putting your trust in a franchise that deserves NONE WHATSOEVER.

The point of my piece is that it doesn't matter the reason or circumstances of why Brand left, in the end, he left because they're the Clippers and they're inept.

You don't have to agree, but calling me uninformed is a stretch when those details came out literally 10 hours after I stated my opinion. And, in my opinion, those details just prove my point, the Clippers can't do anything right.

Boyd said...

Here's what Brand said to JA Adande of ESPN:

"Sometimes enough is enough. ... I shouldn't have to go get an outside offer to make the same money."

The Clips wouldn't give him the big money until it was obvious that other teams were willing to give it to him as well. That's just classic Clippers. That's not how you treat your franchise player.

Rich said...

I must agree with the jockstrap on this, the "dingy's" haven't done anything right ever beginning with their pilgramagefrom San Diego to L.A.
At least they have Penny "Lavern" Marshall there rooting them on for every home game. Showtime jr? Maybe she will give Dingy fan in the pic a pity doink?

Taylor said...

Chop chop Rich. Chop.

Rich said...

Choppin right back atcha T bone

Anonymous said...

Hey Clipper fan.... Know your role and that is being the jr.high squad for the Lakers!!!!

Cheeth said...

Danny Manning = greatest Clipper (post Walton in San Diego of course) of all time.

Anonymous said...

How bad does a team have to be to get dude to go from L.A. to Philidephia? Clipper fans are the types that go to a whorehouse and pay 500 bucks for some ryno whore to beat them up for an hour