Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kevin Duckworth Passed, Finally.

Former 2 time NBA All-Star Kevin Duckworth died Monday. He was only 44. I was by no means a big fan of the Trailblazers during his career, but for some reason, maybe his ridiculous name, I always kind of liked Duckworth. There was something about him, that endeared him to me and other fans. I mean, look at him shooting that jump hook over Kareem. Sweetness.

Duckworth was a solid cog on that Blazers team which made it to the finals a couple of times in the late eighties and early nineties. During his prime years, he could really fill it up, averaging over 15 ppg for 3 straight years.

I would not normally blog about something like this, but when I read the news flash, a story I was once told about Duckworth by my buddy Kevin "Ten Inch" Jackson came to mind. Why he is named "Ten Inch" I leave to your imagination. Let's just say the dude packs some serious heat. If he ever falls on hard (no pun intended) times, he could have a six figure job with Stan Van Gundy, er Ron Jeremy.

Kevin and his brother David were living in Sacramento and had the (mis)fortune of going to a Kings game. I say misfortune because these were the Wayman Tisdale years. The brothers had good seats right by the floor. Well, during pre-game warm-ups, Kevin, 10 or so at the time, and his brother start yelling at Duckworth, "Hey, Duckworth! Come give us your autograph. You're our favorite player!" They yell this for several minutes. Finally, Duckworth comes over, grabs the pen from Kevin and says, "Man, quit juicing me, you know I ain't your favorite player." He then signs the paper and goes back to shooting.
Ever since I heard this story, "quit juicing me" has been added to my lexicon. I think it shows Duckworth knew his place in the NBA, but was still gracious enough to sign a paper for some smart-ass kids. I think it illustrates a good character.

I may have made light of this previously, but I know it is a tragady when a man dies at 44 and leaves 2 small children and a girlfriend behind. Duckworth was reportedly a good guy and was heavily involved in Charity work. He was a fun player to watch, who had a feathery soft touch in the paint.

And if you are wondering why I put such a jacked-up title to this post, well, Duckworth never passed. He was a black hole. He averaged less than 1 assist per game. All joking aside, much love to KD.

Goodbye, Duckworth. I hope you go to Heaven.

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(final sidenote, I apologized for this posting, retracted it, and decided to put it back up, with a few changes. If you are offended by this, sorry. I guess I'm just a classless jerk. And I had sex with your mom.)


Anonymous said...

All WE have to say over at our place of employment to the writer of this blog is: WE FEEL SORRY FOR YOU...YOU HAVE NO CLASS OR RESPECT!

Anonymous said...

Amen. What a stupid article. We don't care about your friend's dong size, nor do we appreciate this post. Poor taste. Whoever hyped it up is a loser.

Anonymous said...

this is bad.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny. Particularly the title.

Anonymous said...

all WE have to say (and by WE I mean ME [or I if you want to be grammatically correct]) over at our place of employment to the writer of this blog is: WE FEEL SORRY FOR YOU...SOME OF THOSE MOMS YOU HAD SEX WITH WERE PROBABLY GROSS!

Anonymous said...

mom says Hi. Nice balance