Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't Go Killing Yourself, Vince Young

In case you haven't heard, Vince Young may or may not have recently gone crazy after getting booed by Titans fans, and hurting the crap out of his knee. This lead to his storming out of his house without his cell phone, the police getting called, something about a gun, and then of course, the obligatory denial by VY, saying that he was at his friends house eating hot wings. Hey, Vince, you don't need to convince me. I would go to the ends of the earth for some good hot wings.

Vince denies any depression or mental illness and claims it was all a big misunderstanding. Young's mother Felicia Young hinted that the ex-Texas star may be mulling quitting the game and thinks that we all need to start being nicer to him.

"It is hard, all that he is going through right now. He's hurting inside and out. But he will be fine if people are prayerful and help my baby boy out. He is a young man. He just needs a lot of love and support."

Well, Felicia, I assure you that I will never pray for your baby boy, Vince. I'm far too busy praying for a Celtics repeat Championship Run. (not really, I just had to remind you all who the NBA Champs are and will be next season.)Either way, I think we should take this moment to send Vince a little love and support. First off, Vince, I don't want you to go killing yourself, understand? That's nice, isn't it Vince Young's Mom? If you were, say, Brett Favre's Mom, I don't know if you could read such nice words coming from my typewriter.

Oh, Watch this.

I've seen a lot of football games, and no one I've ever seen ever played better than Vince Young in that BCS Championship game. He single handedly lead Texas to that championship. That performance was simply electrifying. He finished with 267 yards passing and 200 yards rushing. And Vince, no matter how bad it gets in the pros, you'll always have that game.

As a pro, Young is 18-12 as a starter. Not bad. Now, he is not a great classic quarterback, but other teams definitely have to game plan for him and his mobility. He completed over 62 % of his passes last year, and if you add in the balls he completed to the other team, he was well over 66%. He has questionable decision making skills, but is still a young quarterback with a lot of potential.

Now, I don't know if Vince will ever be a good pro QB, but I think he is pretty fun to watch. I've seen a lot of people wearing his uniforms around, which is cool, but leads to me leaning over to my buddy to say, "I didn't know Vince Young was a short, fat Mexican. TV does so much to distort the picutre!" (as an aside, no self respecting adult wears the jersey of another man for this exact reason.) I don't mean to put the reader down, but how many people ever sported your jersey? Not even one. Your own son would be ashamed to wear your jersey because you suck at football.

In the end, this whole thing will blow over, the Titans will go 8-8, and everyone will forget about this until another famous athlete goes nuts. Remember that time Terrell Owens may or may not have tried to kill himself? You didn't, until I brought it up.

Felicia, I hope your baby boy feels well soon.


Rich said...

Dear Heavenly Father, please don't let Felicia's baby boy kill himself.

Rob said...

Wow, I was about to say something about how Vince will be ridiculed forever about his momma saying he needs love, but then I read your comment about TO. You are right, I never once thought about TO's suicidal episode when I was watching portions of the Cowboys' game last Sunday.

Still, I think Vince is an epic failure as a QB in the NFL. Having your wide receiver pull such stunts is one thing - having your QB and supposed TEAM LEADER get all depressed and then hearing from his momma about how he needs love is NOT a good sign for your team.

Who knows, maybe he can put this all behind him...

Che said...

As somebody to whom Boyd has leaned over proclaimed, "I didn't know Carlos Boozer was 5'9", fat, and white!" I agree with your assessment that no self respecting man were's A jersey, let alone another man's jersey. This, of course, doe NOT apply when I'm sporting my Denver Nuggets Nick Van Exel uni.
Stay sweet!