Monday, September 15, 2008

Worst 4000 Yard Passers

For stat geeks like me, sports are full of magical numbers. If a player can hit these numbers, it can be assumed they had a succesful season: .300 batting average, 1,000 yards rushing or recieving, 20 points per game, etc, etc. One of these statistics is that of the 4,000 yard passer. This a farily rare accomplishment in NFL history, as only 32 quarterbacks have ever done it. One might think that all of players who reached this lofty milestone would be sure fire All-Pros and possible Hall of Famers. This is not the case. In fact, some pretty bad QB's reached this goal. These are they.

Steve Beurlein: 1999 Carolina Panthers
Beurlein posted 4,436 yards while leading Carolina to an 8-8 record. For his career, Beurlein totalled 24,046 yards and an 80.3 passer rating. He went 47-55 as an NFL starter. He was not good on Tecmo Super Bowl, by the way.

Lynn Dickey: 1983 Green Bay Packers
The Dickster threw for 4458 yards and 32 touchdowns in '83. Unfortunately, he also completed 29 balls to the other team that season. He also had the misfortune of having the word dick in his name. I always feel bad about that. Dickey led his teams to a 45-63 record as a starter and had a 70.9 passer rating for his career. Not exactly stellar.

Elvis Grbac: 2000 Kansas City Cheifs
Well bless my soul what's wrong with me? Elvis guided the Cheifs to Heartbreak Hotel in 2000, thrwoing for 4169 yards, but only posting a 7-9 record. He was 40-30 as a starter and had a 79.6 rating, which is respectable, but his passing total in 2000 accounted for almost 25% of his total career passing yards. He was injury prone and retired after only 8 seasons.

Bill Kenney: 1983 Kansas City Cheifs
Another Cheif makes the list. In '83 Kenney threw for 4348 yards and led the Cheifs to a sterling 6-10 record. He didn't do much else as a pro, leading his teams to a 34-43 record as a starter. He did have the fortune of having a first name for a last name, and a pretty good one at that.

Don Majkowski: 1989 Green Bay Packers
I believe they called him the "Majik Man." Well, even in 1989, Don's only slightly "Majikal" season, Don threw 20 interceptions. That's a buttload of interceptions. Majik did amass 4318 yards through the air, which is a staggering 34% of his career total yards. The next year Don got injured, Brett Favre (masturbates) took his place, and Majkowski ended up 26-30 as a starter and a 72.9 passer rating. He could be tough on Tecmo Super Bowl if the computer just threw to Sterling Sharp, but I usually destroy the Packers by 50 points.

Scott Mitchell: 1995 Detroit Lions
This one hurts, as Mitchell brought me one of my greatest sports moments when he led the University of Utah to a huge upset of BYU in 1988, breaking like a 30 year drought for the Utes against the hated Cougars. In '95, Mitchell threw for 4338 yards and guided the Lions to a 10-6 record. He never really played that well again, finishing with a 32-39 record as a starter and a 75.3 passer rating. We'll always have 1988 Scooter.

Brian Sipe: 1980 Cleveland Browns
I've never heard of this guy, but he doesn't appear to have been that bad. In 1980 Sipe threw for 4132 yards and 30 TD's against 14 interceptions. Sipe lead the Browns to a 57-55 record during his career, which is better than most 10 year stretches for the Browns. Since I've never heard of him, I thought I'd post a nice picture of him for your viewing pleasure. (Oh, and just because I said he wasn't that bad, I just wanted to make sure that I told you he wasn't that good either, just a 74.8 rating and only 5 more TD's than INT's for his career.)

Jay Schroeder: 1986 Washington Redskins
Schroeder had probably the worst 4000 yard season ever, statistically speaking, completing only 51% of his passes, throwing an equal number of touchdowns as interceptions(22), And posting only a 72.9 passer rating. However, that season he led the Skins to a 12-4 record as a second year quarterback. Jay had a luxury few of the QB's on this list had: generally being on good teams. He went from a good Skins team to a good Raiders team and finished with a 61-38 record as a starter. Don't be fooled, though. Schroeder threw 114 TD and 108 INT, completed only 50.8% of his passes and had a 71.7 passer rating. My boy Cheeth used Schroeder and the Raiders(ryhme intended) in his inagural Tecmo Super Bowl season and threw more intercptions (like 27) than any man-controlled player in the history of the game. I don't think I could throw that many if I actually tried to. The Cheeth has improved, but still can't beat me with anyone other than the 49'ers.


Rich said...

loves me some Tecmo, Scott Mitchell 88! a Utah Man amd I, screw the Y

Cheeth said...

Boyd, you're full of crap. I beat you with the Buccaneers, led by that great producer of herioc deeds, Vinnie Testaverde. And I am going to be in your house some time betweeen November 24 and December 1 to prove it.

Cheeth said...

Oh yeah, you are not full of crap about my Jay Schroeder season. It was truly embarrassing, and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to all my fans and the Raiders, especially Bo Jackson, Willie Gault, and Tim Brown, whose Super Bowl dreams I ruined with poor passing judgment.

Boyd said...

You ain't ever beaten me with no Buccaneers unless I was the Colts or Patriots. You can bring Wayne "Crack" Haddix at me all you want, but I kill Vinny, even with his many heroic deeds.