Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Can't

I sure ain't feeling very well today, and my appendix feels like it is about to burst. That or I am really, really constipated. But no matter. Here is what's on my mind this morning. Let's call it my 5 thoughts for the day.

1. Al Davis Is Insane: this is hardly news to anyone who follows NFL football, but after yesterday's press conference I just thought I would echo the thoughts of millions. What Al doesn't realize, or fails to take ownership of, is that the common thread through the last 25 years on not winning the Super Bowl is Al Davis. I fully expect Davis to be in an old folks home in the next ten years where his motto will change from "Just win, baby" to "Just change my adult diaper, baby."

2. NBA Training Camps: Those who know me know that I am an NBA guy first and foremost and all other sports fall below that. I love the NBA so much I would toungue kiss it. Oh, who are we kidding? I'd straight make sweet, lasting love to it. For me, the biggest question is, can the Celtics win it again? I believe they can and will. As we get closer to the season, I will make my official predictions, but know now that I predict the Celtics will repeat.

3. MLB Playoffs: I have to admit, this year has been a big downer for me. I haven't followed baseball like I usually do or should. Maybe it is because I knew the Mets would choke. Maybe I just have gotten too impatient to follow baseball. I can't really say. I think having a DVR makes it impossible to watch baseball, because you skip pitch to pitch and invariably miss something important. I guess if I had to pick a team I want to see win it, I'd have to go with the Cubs. It would make my boy Nick so happy, so I'll go with that.

4. College Football: Looks like another crazy season is in the works. Being a Utah fan, I am pleased with how things have worked out in the top 10. I can't believe that BYU is #8, and Utah is knocking on the door. Too strange. I know Mountain West Football is really, really big with the fans, that's why we write so much about it. Really, it's because we live in Utah. I love College Football dearly. Let's just say that if I would make sweet love to the NBA, I would definitely go to third base with College Football.

5. Blogs: Here are a few that I check regularly, and I know that the authors of said blogs would appreciate it if you checked them out and left them a comment or two. Some are sports, some are not. Some get updated frequently, some do not. All are quality.

1. Cheeth In Japan
2. The Answer is Always More Cowbell
3. No
4. a stern warning
5. And One


Aimee said...

Boyd, honestly. We could all do without the lesbian kiss picture.

Rich said...

I for one appreciate the shout out, and secondly, I appreciate the lesbian kiss picture!

Aimee said...

As a man, you would.

Boyd said...

What lesbian kiss picture? I have serious doubts that Madonna is a woman.

Rich said...

Brittany is an alien. What does being a man have to do with it? I could be a gay man that just appreciates any genders uninhibited ability to display affections. Who am I kidding, I am a full on hetero male....thanks B

mookie said...

Awesome, thanks for the link Boyd

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for the link Boyd. Except it takes you to a stern warning. Thanks for nothin'.


Cheeth said...

Wow, G, did you already come out of your second year-long hiatus in three years of blogging?

Thanks for the shout out, Boydy. I'll see you for Jonny's wedding. We should go for a drive.

The Hipwells said...

Oh dear, sweet Boyd. I found your blog through facebook, and I have to say it is absolutely stupendous! I almost peed my pants laughing. Tell Kristy hi, and congrats on the wee babe.