Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Mash-Up

It is a glorious Monday morning here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't feel like doing much, so I'm going to let others do the work for me today. Here is my mash-up of websites I enjoy reading. Check them out, you might find something you enjoy.

The Starting Five(Non-Sports):

NO. - You may wonder why I link to a blog that hasn't updated since January and I say just read what's there. It is wonderful.

just Phil-This is a new blog made by one of our frequent commenters, Phil. This blog is sublime, yet achingly poetic -A great website that takes movie, tv, music, and video games and averages the critical scores to give you a more accurate feel for what critcs think about things, rather than just getting your local newspaper hack's dumb-ass opinion. (now you can get 30 dumb-ass hack's opinions.)

Cheeth - Cheeth is a wonderful journey into the insights and wild musings of a 5'6" red-haired Mormon living in the small city of Japan

The Answer Is Always More Cowbell-The wealthy musings of a mad genius, often written in semi-stream of consciousness.

The Role Players (Sports):

TrueHoop-Henry Abbot of writes an excellent NBA blog use this to find a lot of Celtics stories, but it can be used for any major sports team to find stories relevant for their fanbases. site that links to a lot of popular sports sites. You could call it a hub, if you wanted.

Check 'em out.


Rich said...

You are too kind my friend. It is you to whom the credit must go for you are truly my muse.

Cheeth said...

I am actually only 5'5". My blog does kick seven kinds of ass though.