Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grant

December 31st is an important day for everyone. After all, it marks the yearly anniversary of the birth of my eldest brother, Grant. Today Grant turns 35 and I'm sure this year's festivities will be no less spectacular than those of past years. I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason the G-Man is extremely popular. Do you know how I know? Because people get together all over the world to celebrate the last 10 seconds of his Birthday. Everyone celebrates in a different way: Some kiss, some watch magic balls go down the tops of buildings, some watch buildings blow up on the Vegas strip, but one thing is certain: everyone has a good time.

It's not just regular people that seem to enjoy this day, either. Really, really famous people get together and toast Grant and kiss. They even wheel out Dick Clark's half-dead corpse for the celebration held on TV every year. And you can be sure all the Johnny-come-lately Pop Stars of the moment will serenade Grant on his special day.

So here's to you big brother. I hope this Birthday is as good as the rest have been.


Anonymous said...

No one gives a shit about your brothers birthday. write about sports and other funny stuff

Anonymous's fat mom said...

Anonymous, why don't you write your name here so we can track you down and beat seven kinds of shit out of you?

Anonymous said...


I care about my birthday and you really hurt my feelings. Sniff, sniff.

Boyd's Brother Grant