Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick Update -

Sorry about the little hiatus - Boyd became a daddy and I had some family medical issues to tend to over the past week and we didn't get a chance to get anything posted here, but we're back to the grind.
Someone commented that they are wondering where game two of the fantasy GM series is. I would like to know that also. I know that Boyd has run 4 of the games but he has yet to post the results. Boyd - anytime now, anytime.
As far as who will be getting the "we hate you" jockstrap, it appears that we have a tie - Bill Belichek and Barry Bonds tied for the most hated sports figure, each getting 20% of the vote. We will have to figure out a tie-breaker method or something to get a clear winner.
Speaking of hating people, I pretty much agree with what PlayBoyd wrote the other day about Brett Favre. I don't know that I have been so sick of hearing about one athlete in my entire life. Except for maybe Barry Bonds.
Well, that's the update for now. We will be getting some things up (that's what she said) here shortly, so keep coming back.