Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boyd and Taylor as NBA GM's - how did we do?

To preface this, I'll state that Boyd and I did this draft yesterday using IM. The great thing about this is that neither of us exactly have a ton of time - we actually made time to do this. In and of itself, that's awesome. Boyd (the salary cap guru - seriously) lays out exactly what we did at the beginning, so, I'm just going to copy and paste this in. It's a bit long, but it's entertaining, so give it a look:

Playboyd: Today, The Bone (Taylor) and I, the Playboy (Boyd) have gotten together to do a little NBA GM'ing. The NBA Draft is today, and someone, presumably the Bulls, is going to squander its pick on Derrick Rose. Well, T and I have decided to test out our GM skills with a little mock draft of our own. We won't bore ourselves with breaking down the current draft "And with the 26th pick, the Washington Wizards pick---some foreigner you've never heard of!" Instead, we decided to use the current NBA players for our Fantasy Mock Draft. The rules are simple: Any player currently in the NBA is available, but here is the catch: we must keep our salaries within the Salary Cap "guidelines"of 55.63 Million.

Playboyd: Of course, if a team is OVER the cap (The NBA has a "soft" cap) then a player can be signed with the so-called mid-level exception (up to 5.356 Million).
: Let's do it.
Playboyd: No one will be allowed over the Luxury Tax Threshold of 67,865,000. As you can see, that gives you quite a bit of leeway
Playboyd: Hang on!

Taylor: Sorry - I thought you were done articulating
Taylor: Actually, I need a pepsi. I'll be right back.
Playboyd: The test of who does better will be tested in a world that Taylor and I both love: XBOX360. I will rent NBA 2K8, plug in the players and pit them in a 7 game series against each other. The winner gets a Macho Burrito from Del Taco.
Playboyd: Let the games begin!
Taylor: PlayBoyd won the coin flip, so he gets the first pick. I’m going to guess he’ll go with a Boston Celtics player…
Playboyd: Ok. With the first pick, it is pretty obvious where I am going. The undisputed best player on the planet.
Playboyd: Labron James.
Taylor: You mean LeBron James? And he isn't the best player on the planet... Probably number 2 though.
Playboyd: If I spell it wrong does that mean I don't get him?
Taylor: Not necessarily. It just shows a lack of respect/credibility. My first selection is a steal at 4.5 million dollars a year - Chris Paul.
Taylor: How many Celtics are you planning to take?
Playboyd: Chris Paul? What a ....great pick. He was next off my board. Oh well, with the 3rd Pick, I will select Dwayne Wade at 14.4 million. Can you imagine that tandem?
Taylor: Crap!! That was my next pick. I was hoping you wouldn't go that way. I don’t want to pay 21 for Kobe or KG. I need just a moment now...
Playboyd: That puts my cap figure at $28,821,162
Taylor: My second overall pick is Dwight Howard. Imagine Paul throwing oops to DH all day. Make Tyson Chandler look like a pansy. Did I spell pansy right? Pansey maybe? Anyhow - Dwight Howard.
Playboyd: that puts your cap number at $17,615,439
Taylor: Thanks. I can't keep track.
Playboyd: With my 3rd Pick, I'll take Amare Stoudamire at 15 million, putting my cap figure at $43,891,712. Might not be enough balls to go around!
Taylor: Crazy scoring on your team. How will they share the ball? It's like the Celtics—how will they ever coexist... Oh, right, by winning the NBA title. Hmm.
Taylor: My 3rd pick is Carmelo Anthony at 14.4 mill. Pretty solid. I need a go-to scorer, so why not him? I’m still upset that you took Wade. Jerk.
Playboyd: Your cap number is now at $ 32,026,020.
Playboyd: Carmelo is solid. I’m sure the video game will over rate him
Playboyd: With my 4th pick, I'll take Deron Williams for 5.0 million. That puts my cap number at $48, 961,160. Already perilously close to the cap. (It should be noted that you can always add a veteran at the veteran’s minimum of 1.3 mill or a less than 3 year for 700 k., even if you are over the cap)
Taylor: My next pick is probably better in reality than he will be on the video game, but I'm going with Andre Iguodala at 3.8 million. He’s obviously not the best player on the board, but at that price he’s a steal baby. Wade won't get his usual numbers against Iguodala.
Playboyd: Not a bad pick. Puts your number at $35,826,645 - still a lot of talent out there.
Playboyd: I now have to go value, and I need another big, so I'll take Josh Smith of the Hawks for 3.2 Million. That puts my cap number at $ 52,129,043
Taylor: He's a good pick. I like that move. I need a big man for a low price, so I'll follow your lead in getting a steal. I want LaMarcus Aldridge for 4.6 million. Good value for 18 and 7 or 8 boards. I like these guys in their first few years - good value.
Playboyd: I don't like that pick-at all. I think Ron Artest of Shane Battier would BOTH be better values. Especially with your cap number being so low. That puts you at $40,458,045. I was above that after three picks!
Taylor: You don't have to like that pick. I thought about Battier, but he probably sucks on the game. If it were realistic, I would have leaned toward Battier because I love the D. Artest is too injury prone, but same thing on the D. I guess it doesn't matter on the game though...
Playboyd: My next pick is probably the highest value/cost ratio in the leauge: my little sparkplug off the bench: at 770 K, Monta Ellis. That puts me at $52,899,652
Playboyd: that is such a sick pick
Taylor: Nice. He’s super underrated. I'll go with a similar player and take another Trail Blazer. Brandon Roy at 3.1 million.
Playboyd: He's a stud. You are at $43,542,285
Playboyd: Need a backup PG. On the cheap, a defender off the bench, PG for Your World Champion Celtics, Rajon Rondo (I had to go with someone from the C's, didn't I?) at 1.6 million. That puts me at $ 54,546,436
Taylor: True. I also need a backup point, so I'll go with Jose Calderon at 2.471 million. I had Rondo on my short list. I figured he'd be the Celtic you would pick - got to go with the good value.
Playboyd: Nice. He's one of the best in the league. Puts you at $46,013,285
Taylor: Thank you.
Playboyd: This is gonna be tight, but I'll take Bruce Bowen for 4 mill flat. Need that D off the bench. That puts me at $58,546,436. I'm over the cap so now I can sign one player for up to the mid-level exception or players to the minimum contracts.
Taylor: I'll take Al Horford for 4 mil. He can back up Dwight or start at the 4 if I don’t like Aldridge there.
Playboyd: That puts you at $50,040,005
Playboyd: I'll use my midlevel here at pick 9, and take Greg Oden at 5 million. That puts me at $63,546,436
Playboyd: I can now only take minimum contract players.
Taylor: Ok. You're the salary cap guru, I'll just do what I do and assume you'll tell me if I'm breaking the rules... I'm going to take a sleeper pick here and go with David Lee for 1.7. That cat is underrated bigtime.
Playboyd: Nice. I wanted him but couldn't work it out. Puts you at $51,828,038. Still 3.8 million below the salary cap-with the full midlevel available.
Playboyd: Ok. so here I'll grab Brent Barry for some outside shooting (probably won't play a minute) at the league minimum for a 10 year vet-1.2 mil, putting me at 65,546,017
Taylor: Okay. In order to keep me below the salary cap, I want Rudy Gay at 2.5 million.
Taylor: You see the Richard Jefferson to the Bucks trade?
Playboyd: Rudy Gay. Nice. Puts you at $54,407,438. 2 big ones coming up for you. (yes I saw the trade but don't know enough of the details yet to say.)
Playboyd: My next pick I take Jamario Moon for 700 k and that puts me at $65,459,943.
Taylor: This is tough. I can't decide if I want one stud and a throw away bench player or two solid guys. I’m leaning toward a stud because your starting lineup is crazy.
Playboyd: you need another stud: Paul, Howard and Anothony aren't going to be enough
Taylor: That's what I'm thinking. I like my depth but your starting lineup is way better than mine.
Taylor: Give me some Al Jefferson. 21 and 11 baby. I like that.
Playboyd: Nice, you know I love me some BIG AL. That puts you at $65,407,438.
Playboyd: I'll take Paul Millsap with my final pick, at the league min for his years at about 800k, bringing my total to $66,257534. I like my team.
Taylor: you'll like my last pick - I have a few wings, but one more can't hurt. I'll take Danny Granger at $2,329,804 to slide in at just under the luxury tax. Beautiful.
Playboyd: absolutely. Nice.
Taylor: Wonderful. I like my depth, but your starting lineup is amazing.
Playboyd: Well done. Puts you at $67,737,242.
Playboyd: Best of 7, may the best Virtual Fantasy GM win!
Taylor: Cool. I hope my depth will win out in a 7 game series. As long as you don't turn off the fatigue on the game.
Playboyd: I'm not going to alter any settings
Taylor: Sounds good. I'm still a bit mad that you took Wade at 3. I was hoping you'd go Amare or Dwight so I could get Dwyane or Dywane or Dewayne or however you spell it.
Playboyd: Good luck, you'll need it little man.
Taylor: Alright, take care bro -


Boyd’s Team –

Deron Williams
Rajon Rondo
Dwyane Wade
Brent Barry
Monta Ellis
Bruce Bowen
Jamario Moon
LeBron James
Paul Millsap
Josh Smith
Amare Stoudemire
Greg Oden

Taylor’s Team –

Chris Paul
Jose Calderon
Brandon Roy
Andre Iguodala
Carmelo Anthony
Rudy Gay
Danny Granger
David Lee
Al Jefferson
LaMarcus Aldridge
Al Horford
Dwight Howard


Rob said...

I'm liking Taylor's team, and I'm not being biased based on family. He has more established talent up front paired with arguably the best PG and a couple of very capable go-to scorers (melo and roy).