Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger Woods - The Best Ever?

Has anyone ever dominated a sport the way Tiger Woods dominates golf? Federer in tennis? Jordan or Chamberlain in basketball? Ruth in baseball? Stretching to sports that don't get as much attention, Michael Phelps in swimming? Tiger might be the best of all time in any sport. We get to watch greatness several times a year and it's just awesome. This US Open was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. It was remeniscent of Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals - when he was sick with the flu in Utah and went for 38 points. He was pushed to the limit and responded with his will to win. The US Open was that moment for Tiger. Coming off a knee injury and having not played in a tournament in months, he wins a major. A major! He was pushed to the limit and responded with a championship victory under intense pressure. He had to birdie 18 to give himself a chance to win the championship - twice. He did it. He persevered as he was put in a position he had never experienced before. He had never squandered a 54 hole lead in a major before. He lost his lead in the final round and came back. Then in the 18 hole playoff he gets a 3 shot lead, loses it, and comes back to force another playoff. All this while injured and rusty. The legend grows. We are seeing dominance like never before. Sit back and enjoy it.