Friday, June 20, 2008

Ranking the best 4s in the NBA

1. Kevin Garnett – I love me some KG. I’d probably make out with him. Partly because he’s insane, and partly because he’s 7 feet tall and can play like a 3. He’s one of the most intense players in the league and he has pretty amazing facial hair (see ). That is amazing stuff. He is the best all-around 4 in the league, but Duncan is close.
2. Tim Duncan – I think he’s the best PF of all time, but he’s not as good as KG right now. Duncan is so fundamental that I find him a bit boring to watch at times. The way he uses the glass is a thing of beauty. It’s hard for me to put a Spurs player on one of these lists though.
3. Dirk Nowitski – Dirk is an amazing shooter and is a better rebounder than he gets credit for. He’s got a swagger that is pretty annoying, but he backs it up, so I have to give him that. The best Euro in the league right now – and he doesn’t even flop that much… Next year he’ll lose his title of ugliest player in the NBA to Trent Plaisted.
4. Amare Stoudemire – I love watching this guy play. I can’t help but wonder how good he’d be without Steve Nash, but he has a pretty well-rounded offensive game. His dunk over Olowokandi is classic ( If he could play better D he’d be higher on the list.
5. Al Jefferson/Chris Bosh – This is kind of a copout, but I’m putting them both because I can. I haven’t seen Jefferson as much as Bosh, but I’ve been super impressed with what I’ve seen. Bosh spending his own $ to promote himself as an all-star is classic, so he makes the list.

Best looking: Even though he retired this year, it’s got to be Chris Webber. That is one handsome cat.
Best defender: Garnett – He was the defensive player of the year, so this is a no-brainer.
Most irritating: Kenyon Martin – I actually like watching Martin play, but it’s like he thinks he’s a more intense version of KG or something. He’s always screaming and pulling his jersey back so we can see his stupid boob tattoo. Nice work Martin. He’s got to be the worst #1 pick in the past 8 or 10 years. Except Kwame Brown.
Most underrated: Al Jefferson – he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. My boy Boyd has been telling me about Al for a while now and I doubted him – a little. Al might be the best rebounder in the league.
Most overrated: Carlos Boozer – I love Boozer. And he's really good. But, seriously, he can’t play D at all. He’s terrible. His offense is good, and he’s strong, good left hand, but his D is horrible. I’m surprised Sloan hasn’t taken Boozer out behind the woodshed. And my money would be on Sloan.
Best in 5 years: 1. Amare 2. Michael Beasley 3. Jefferson 4. Bosh 5. LaMarcus Aldridge (this position seems like it will drop off big…)


HeyZeus said...

how could you not include the KandiMan, Olowokandi as the worst number 1 pick?