Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend football predictions

I've never tried my hand at betting on sports because I always think I'm right and I would probably end up losing my money. I remember my first big sports bet: I bet $15 that Kentucky would beat Michigan in the Final Four in 1993. I was wrong and remember how $15 seemed like so much money at the time. I felt like I had lost my life savings. I recall that Michigan won the game by 3 points and I was devastated. Michigan has since been put on probation and vacated the win. I should find Juan Albor and ask for my 15 bones back. With college football starting up, Boyd, me, and some of our friends (Hank Dawg, Rob, and Dyer) will be making our picks on what we think are the top 5 games each week. We will tally the records and someone will get bragging rights. If you think you can do it better, just bring it. You can't hang. The winner gets $15. Or a Coke Zero or something.

Hank: Alabama - because Clemson are choke artists and Bowden is the coach
Rob: Clemson - they come out big early only to falter later in the season
Dyer: Clemson
Taylor: Clemson - Bama has a good defense that may keep things close for a while, but Clemson wins it. This game might showcase two of the best true freshmen in the country in Bowers and Jones.
Boyd: Alabama

H: Illinois - Zook used to be a Gator
R: Missouri - easily
D: Missouri
T: Missouri - I'm with Rob - I don't think it's close.
B: Missouri

H: Cal - Best will put on a show
R: Cal - Cal always does well in non-conference home games under Tedford; Cal thrives on turnovers and MSU give up tons. MSU gives up too many big plays.
D: Michigan State
T: Michigan State - my gut tells me MSU for some reason. This was a tough one to pick. Javon Ringer will have a big game.
B: Michigan State

H: Utah - The Utes will then lose to Vegas or SDSU
R: Michigan - Utah is being overhyped
D: Michigan
T: Michigan - this one will be close, but Michigan will be out to prove that they didn't lose all their talent. Utah is a bit suspect up the middle on D. Wouldn't be shocked at all if the Utes won.
B: Michigan - Michigan has better overall talent.

H: UCLA - No self-respecting Gator fan can pick UT
R: UCLA - The Bruins because of the running game and Norm Chow's debut
T: Tennesse - The Vols just have more talent and UCLA has been hit by big injuries.
B: Tennessee


danthecanman said...

the ucla bruins will get whipped by volunteers but the other picks are good! tenessee 38, ucla 10!