Friday, September 5, 2008

Random thoughts

I've had a tremendously busy week so I haven't been able to do much here other than my great facial hair post, so I apologize. Here is a Macho Man promo to make up for it.

Congratulations to the Utah Utes for beating Michigan at the big house - quite an accomplishment. Michigan has only lost 4 of their last 9 home games. The Utes are acting like what they did was rare - even App. St. can win in the Big House. It's kind of lost its luster...

Texas A&M looked impressive in their opener, losing to Arkansas State 18-14. What a great start. What ever happened to A&M and the 12th man? What happened to beating teams by 50 in bowl games and killing Heisman trophy winners? They just kind of suck now. I miss this Texas A&M -

For some reason I'm not fired up about the NFL starting. I'm in two fantasy leagues and I still don't really care. Excited about Brett Favre being a Jet? No. Geared up to watch Ocho Cinco? Not really. Tatum Bell stealing Rudi Johnson's bag is pretty awesome though. If that's all there is to excite about the NFL right now then I'm not exactly looking forward to the season.

Eli Manning is still overhyped. And the Giants won't even make the playoffs.

Why is everyone on ESPN saying that Georgia and USC are the only two teams who should be legitimately ranked number 1? Florida, Oklahoma, and Ohio State all looked better than Georgia.

Picks for this week (like it or not):
Miami at Florida
H: Florida - Miami will keep it interesting, but Florida will prevail by 10-14 points
R: Florida rolls over Miami
T: Florida by at least 20
B: Florida
BYU at Washington
H: BYU wins by more that 10
R: this probably will be a close game. I'm going with BYU
T: BYU wins by somewhere in the 10-17 range
West Virginia at East Carolina
H: WV wins this by more that a touchdown
R: West Virginia crushes East Carolina
T: Noel Devine goes nuts - I'm on his jockstrap - WVU by double digits
B: W. Virginia
Oregon State at Penn State
H: it's a toss up for me. PennState over OState
R: My upset pick, I'm going with Oregon State
T: Oregon State - I chose them as a sleeper so I can't just back off now.
B: Penn State
Stanford at Arizona State
H: Stanford will give them a fight, it will be close. ASU wins by 3 or more
R: ASU easily. Last week was an anomaly for the trees
T: Arizona State, but closer than expected.
B: Arizona State

Here is an early pic of Michael Phelps:


Steve Dyer said...

Hey sorry but here are my picks
Florida over Miami
BYU over Washington
West Virgina over East Carolina
Penn State over Oregon st
ASU over Staford