Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, But Why Take The Chance?

I'll be honest with you - I have some stuff going on right now that prevents me from getting into this post too much today, so it will be relatively brief.

In a confirmation of my diagnostic criteria for My Cup Runneth O'er, my boy Dyer called me the other night and explained that the Jazz still have a shot at 82-0. Next up for Dyer will be him calling me three minutes into a game with the Jazz up 4-0 and telling me that the Jazz could go for a shutout. I wouldn't put it past him.

I want to congratulate the Chicago Bears for not screwing up the Lions' perfect season. Detroit has now signed Daunte Culpepper in efforts to blow the opportunity for a completely blemished season. Good thing Daunte sucks now. I'm still hopeful...

Maybe the Clippers can go 0-82. After all, they are the Clippers.

Have you been watching the rookies in the NBA this year? The stats are impressive, with seven averaging double figures in ppg already. It may not last, but it's good to see. The top two picks are each averaging over 17ppg.

Is anyone excited about college basketball starting? I'm usually a college hoops junkie but it just doesn't seem all that appealing this year. Maybe it's because North Carolina looks like they could beat a few NBA teams. When you already know who's going to win it all, it's not as fun.

Speaking of winning it all, I know it's early, but seeing the way the Lakers are playing so far makes me wonder if I should have picked them to win the Championship. They look awesome, even with Andrew Bynum looking pretty mediocre so far. Of course, he did have 17 boards last night, so what happens when he puts it together?

Does anyone want to see Alabama or Penn State in the BCS Title game? Personally, I'd rather see Florida-Texas, or USC-Oklahoma. I'd almost rather see Ball State-Utah at this point. Alabama is a boring team to watch and I don't want to watch the title game and hear the announcers talking about Paterno and his impending death the entire time.

I am currently in a state of fasting and prayer in hopes that Manny Ramirez will re-sign with the Dodgers. I need as much of Man-Ram in my life as possible.

How about Urban Meyer calling two timeouts in the final minute of the game last week with Florida up 49-10? And people wonder who taught Kyle Whittingham the hilarious "onside kick when up by 43" trick he used last year when Utah was crushing Wyoming.

Brett Farve leads the NFL in interceptions this season with 12 and has been booed repeatedly by Jets fans in the past few weeks. Please, Brett, go away.

A couple was arrested during the Bills-Jets game this past Sunday because they were caught mid-coitus in the women's bathroom. Chris Berman, a longtime Bills fan, did the play by play. He could ... go ... all ... the ... way! These people couldn't even wait until after the game? I understand that sometimes you need some love and affection, but considering how dirty the can at a football stadium must be, the sex drive must have been off the charts for them to go at it in a bathroom stall. They were probably just excited to be in the presence of Greatness (i.e., Brett Farve).