Friday, November 28, 2008

Shame On You America

This is going to be short as I am trying to enjoy the holidays with my family.  Thanksgiving was a success.  We enjoyed the dinners (both at my parent's house and at my in-laws).  There is nothing better than eating a delicious meal surrounded by loved ones, enjoying the comforts of hearth and home, and discussing the many things for which we are grateful.  It was a wonderful day spent thinking of others and thanking the Lord above for our many blessings.

Put that in stark contrast with today's activities.  "Black Friday" as it is called across this great nation of ours, is upon us.  It is ironic that this day of aggressiveness and greed would follow so closely behind Thanksgiving that it is now tramping all over the coattails of the Pilgrims themselves.   I refuse to enter the stores on this day as it only makes me shed a single bitter tear for our once proud country.  My pregnant wife entered the fray this morning at some ungodly hour and was pushed, shoved, and run over by greedy men and women alike.  She was unable to reach the back of the store in time to purchase an item that she had her eyes on because in her delicate state she was unwilling, and perhaps unable, to elbow old women out of the way, or pin a child between a shopping cart and the shoe racks by his neck.

I hope you all got everything that you "needed" to make your yuletides bright.  I thought the country was in a recession, but I guess when you can get a progressive scan DVD player that normally costs $39.00 for $25.00 recession be damned.  Who cares if you have to ram your cart into the back of somebody's heel or shove a pregnant woman into a stack of $3 CDs to be first in line at the greed-fest.

Shame on you America. 


Aimee said...

Pack your bags, Jim sending us all on a guilt trip. I gots me a Sony 52" LCD and I didn't have to get up before 8:00 am. We're trying to help the economy. We're givers. America, you can thank us later.

Jim said...

I speak not of the people who calmly walked through department stores across America, picked up their chosen items, and purchased them at the check-out stand. I speak of the heartless maniacs like the ones that trampled a Long Island Wal-mart worker to death today all in an attempt to "boost the economy."

I have seen these people and they have blood in their eyes. They would steal the tennis balls off an old lady's walker if they thought they could buy three get one free. Lord help us all if there's ever an ammunition closeout on Black Friday.

P.S. enjoy your TV, I bet it's awesome. Lovin' ya.

Phil said...

I guess when the average I.Q. is the number retard you'll get this reaction